Attribution Models in Google Analytics

The Default models:
Last interaction model gives credit to the last interaction regardless if its a direct visit or not.
Last Non-Direct Click gives credit to the last action which wasn’t typing in the url in the browser and hit enter.
The first interaction model gives 100% of the conversion to the initial marketing channel. It’s appropriate if you run campaigns to create awareness.
Linear is crediting all channels equally. This model is good if you intend to hold the customers hand through the whole cycle and not let go.
Time Decay gives more credit towards the end of the conversion, for example if it was a football game it would credit the offensive players more even though the goalkeeper started the offense by passing the ball which eventually lead to a goal.
Position Based gives more to the first and to the last funnel.

You can also create custom models, which can be very effective as you might have a unique sales cycle.

Add different modals in order to compare and discover when some of the funnels is changing a lot, it might be because a certain model is more appropriate for that funnel. For example, you might be disappointed in social media that the traffic doesn’t convert as well as PPC traffic, but after looking closer you might realise that actually, social media is usually the first interaction in the conversion which later on leads to the user to search for your company and click the PPC ad at all! This could very well be true if this was a PPC branded search.

In general, experiment and see what you find out about your marketing funnels!

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