Connect your domain to Digital Ocean:


Digitalocean ->networking -> your domain and add following records:
A @ 123.456.789
A www 123.456.789

copy the NS records from DO, ns1.digitalocean… etc

On namecheap simply make sure  you are on the Domain tab then under Namservers you will find a Custom Dns dropdown where you can add your own nameservers, add in the copied nameservers there.

No need to configure any records on namecheap or your domain provided and they wont matter when the nameservers kick in!

If you think your provider nameservers are better than DOs you can do the following:

  1. Go to click on networking -> domains and then click the magnifying icon .
  2. Add your details and then copy your ip and then
  3. create A record in the DNS configuration of your webhost pointing towards that IP.

    After that is done your should be able to see “Welcome to nginx” or similar if you are using another web server when browsing to your domain!

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