Set up SSL on shared hosting for namecheap

If you login to your cpanel account and use the Namecheap SSL certificate and install it through their own Namecheap SSL plugin and it doesn’t work out of the box. You will need to

  1. go to your namecheap account -> domain list,
  2. click on the domain and then the certificate and
  3. then download the certificate.
  4. Open up the .crt file in a texteditor and copy everything,
  5. then go back to your cPanel account,
  6. under SECURITY click on SSL/TLS
  7. choose your domain the drop list then
  8. paste in your crt and ater that click on “Autofill by CRT”
    then activate, and you are done!

Whats left is configure the .htaccess for optimal redirections!

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