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Create, upload and configure SSL cert for NGINX

Generate ¬†your SSL CSR to give your SSL provider NOTES: Common name is the DOMAIN NAME then write copy the whole block including the last whitespaces from —-begin certificate request—– key —– end certificate request —– > cert_chain.crt paste that in to your SSL provied including whitespaces. Then when you followed the steps and downloaded …

NGINX on ubuntu optimization

check how many worker_processes you got: make a backup: change worker_processes to the number you got earlier. and for the gzip all you have to do is uncomment this line by removing #: uncomment as well. let the other commands be by default. exit and save ctrl x + y //cache// now lets add this …

Single page 301 redirect in Nginx

Optimal single 301 redirect: Try to avoid this technique that is used frequently and less optimal: Simply put it in the bottom of the serverblock that’s in use inside your server configuration file. Default: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default . To open the file from a terminal: