60 days of code challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself into becoming a better web developer by doing 10 -12 hours of code a day for 60 days. This started today 5th of March and should be finished by 4th of May. The coding challenge isn’t only about actual coding, watching lectures, reading books, writing articles in this blog is also included. My coding progress will be documented on Github as “proof” and I will try to keep this blog up to date with posts of what I’ve learned. Not only for others but also for myself to have as a reference in the future.

My focus will be on JavaScript and helpful tools around it such as Gulp/ember/node.js. However I will try to focus on vanilla JS and only go into frameworks when the courses that I follow do so. I don’t think I it’s a good idea to start with a JS framework before you are on very advanced level of JS and understanding all the code the framework is based on.

My plan is to follow open source university courses from a Swedish University called Linnaeus University.

  1. The first course is basic programming with JS and it’s uses Eloquent Javascript. As well as the lectures from this course I will be reading Eloquent Javascript for a refreshed and deeper understanding of the basics. My learning philosophy is that the basics is everything. This progress can be followed in the following github repo
  2. The second course is Client Side JavaScript
  3. The third course is Server Side JavaScript
  4. The fourth course is RIA development with JavaScript this course is offered in English here: http://coursepress.lnu.se/kurs/ria-utveckling-med-javascript/step-0/

I don’t think I will manage all of these courses and I won’t be in a rush to do so either. My only goal with this challenge is to spend 12 hours a day with JavaScript and tools for web development. After the challenge is over I will continue with educating myself within Web Development but it might not be in such extreme.

Further posts during this challenge will be posted in the category they belong with the tag 60 Days of Code

You can also see some of my progress in Github: https://github.com/alexanderanter/basic-js/commits/master

Game on! 

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