Install MariaDB on Ubuntu

  1. sudo apt-get update 
    sudo apt-get install mariadb-server


    It will temporarily stop mariadb and the $ will show but dont write anything and be patient

    a few seconds later the installation will continue and the server will startup.

    when its over it will end with Processing triggers for libc-bin ….

    and show $

  2. It will prompt us for a password, choose a password for your MariaDB root user and continue, the installation is pretty quick. Once it ends, let’s secure it running
  3. mysql_secure_installation

    First you need to enter the password you just provided when installed mariadb in the popup.
    if you didnt write a password it should just be blank and you can choose a password afterwards.
    If you chose a secure password during the installation of mariadb you can answr No on changing your root password. If not you got a second chance now to choose something more secure!

  4. TO the rest of the questions answer yes.

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