Day 1 of 60 days coding challenge

First day and I manged to do the following from the “Basic Development” 1dv021 University Course I’m doing that are focused on JavaScript.
The course can be found here, but it it’s in Swedish. The course is based of Eloquent JavaScript with added challenges and lectures. Anyone want to follow my path to JavaScript fluency can easily do so by simply reading up on Eloquent JavaScript and do the same challenges as I am.

Done today:

  1. Watched Lecture 3 and 4 of “Basic Development” course 1dv021
  2. Logger challenge
  3. Parse Querystring
  4. Bugsy
  5. Make HTML
  6. Set up a VPS at digitalocean
  7. Config the server with nginx,ufw,fail2ban,php7-fpm,SSL certificates,cache and WordPress

I came up with the idea of the challenge the same day I started it so I thought I might as well use this domain I had parked for a while and blog about what I’m learning. This however took away some time from actual JavaScript but I include Server configuration as well as other tools that are necessary for proper web development as part of professional JavaScript development which is the topic of what I’m focusing on.

You might wonder why I just don’t call it a Web Development challenge and include everything… the reason for that is that I have had really hard to focus on one thing for a substantial period of time the last couple of years. I’ve learned PHP,Java,CQ5(AEM), Angular, jQuery, SASS,Compass, Grunt, GIT, python, Vagrant, nginx,apache,WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, JavaScript.
The problem with that though is that I’m not fluent or advanced in any of the things mentioned above… I know some of the better than other (GIT, SASS, PHP and WP) but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable getting throwed into a project with any of these techniques without an active internet connection where I can google up a correct solution to every little step I take.
I’m fluent in HTML and CSS, that’s about it.

You might think that’s not an issue and most “front end developers” google up jQuery snippets and poste them in anyway… Though that is not really true my goal isn’t to be a front end developer long term but to be a full stack JavaScript developer. I didn’t get into programming because that I was interested in the web. I got into programming because I loved to program when trying it out in high school(with basic and VB6). Web Development was just a natural progression from that as I also had been creating websites since a young age starting back in 1999.

You can find my progress with this challenge on Github:

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